Birthday Party

Birthday Party Venue Hire Amsterdam

Celebrate your birthday once a year! We believe it is a great reason for a unique, creative party, so use Matka for your party venue hire Amsterdam.

At Matka we offer a variety of activities for your kid’s birthday party.  If you have an even better idea, just share it with us and we will make your wishes come true.

We have the following options:

Rent a room for 3 or 4 hours

Rent the studio and the café space for 4 hours

Rent a space + 1 hour activity

For more information, prices and reservations for our party venue hire Amsterdam please call us directly or email us at

Some of the activities that we can offer for a birthday party are:

Music Party


Dance Party


Sushi Fruit Workshop or Fruit Bouquet Workshop

  • Fruit bouquet

    Workshop of 1.5 hours. The kids decorate their own pot and learn how to make a lovely bouquet from different kinds of fruit. This workshop is suitable from age 3+


  • Fruit sushi

    Workshop of 1.5 hours . The kids will learn how to make their own fruit sushi roll. This workshop is suitable from age 6+

During the workshops we discuss the importance and benefits of every fruit to our body.

The workshop can take place at your home or any other venue you choose.

The price is for a workshop of up to 10 children. Please contact us for larger groups.

Messy Play Workshop


What Our Families are Saying


I really loved the messy play experience!! It’s the perfect opportunity for little ones to interact with other little ones and get messy in a safe environment while parents can take a small break.

My little boy had messy play for his 1st birthday and it was great! The kids ranged from 1 – 3 years and all had such a fun time playing in the gooey gunky stuff plus Leanne was super quick and efficient at cleaning up all the mess after. Highly recommend for any kids birthday.

This is a great setup for kids and parents. There’s just enough chaos for kids to love it, but little enough that we parents can still have a good chat with our tea/coffee. My 16-month-old has a great time, and our cleanup is just a splash on his hands and a quick change of his clothes. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend Messy play!!! My daughter had her birthday party there and her and her 13 friends loved everything about it!! Brilliant activities all hand made by the organiser and something totally different. Brilliant work messy play