Classes for Kids

Our Vision

Matka is a wonderful place for kids in Amsterdam.  The home will be a place for parents and children to grow, to experience meaningful moments in the relationship between them, and to create mutual deep memories that will accompany them for many years.

We will provide different activities for kids of ages 2-4 years old.  

Toddlers Dance Class

In these classes, the emphasis is on enjoyment and freedom.

Toddlers naturally have one preferred way to move and, in this class, they are allowed to do it their way.

They’ll dance to inspirational music within a theme that appeals to them and enjoy the interaction through dance.

Start date will be announced. Follow us on Facebook for more info.


Yoga Course for 4 – 6YO

Compared to sports, yoga for kids is non-competitive and peaceful towards oneself and others. It helps kids explore and learn about their bodies: stretch, bend, jump, twist, balance… They develop strength and flexibility. Yoga is not merely physical. Breathing exercises and meditation are other vital elements to help kids relax and create inner harmony. 

Yiwen is an experienced yoga teacher and a mother of 2 kids. Throughout the years, she has been teaching kids in Amsterdam yoga at Dutch primary and international schools, parents kids centre of Amsterdam’s Public Health Service (GGD). She is also the author of the book “Kids Yoga Asanas”. In Yiwen’s class, there are three essential layers: movement, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga is fun and let’s enjoy like a kid!

Start date will be announced. Follow us on Facebook for more info.

Art Club

Our Art club for kids in Amsterdam of young ages is a wonderful opportunity for the children to bring themselves to expression, to imagine, to turn stories into reality and to experiment with new materials and ideas.


What Our Families are Saying


I really loved the messy play experience!! It’s the perfect opportunity for little ones to interact with other little ones and get messy in a safe environment while parents can take a small break.

My little boy had messy play for his 1st birthday and it was great! The kids ranged from 1 – 3 years and all had such a fun time playing in the gooey gunky stuff plus Leanne was super quick and efficient at cleaning up all the mess after. Highly recommend for any kids birthday.

This is a great setup for kids and parents. There’s just enough chaos for kids to love it, but little enough that we parents can still have a good chat with our tea/coffee. My 16-month-old has a great time, and our cleanup is just a splash on his hands and a quick change of his clothes. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend Messy play!!! My daughter had her birthday party there and her and her 13 friends loved everything about it!! Brilliant activities all hand made by the organiser and something totally different. Brilliant work messy play