Classes For Parents & Kids

Our Vision

The home will be a place for parents and children to grow where we will provide different activities for parents and children together such as the ever popular Messy Play Amsterdam and much much more…

At Matka parents & children will get to experience meaningful moments in the relationship between them, and to create mutual deep memories that will accompany them for many years.

Sensory Music

(ages 6 months -2 years)

The beauty of music is that it affects multiple senses, inspires creativity and benefits the mind and body. In this class children are invited to hear, feel, see and sense live music and explore different materials that create sound. Together with your child you’ll learn about sonic qualities through touch-using your whole body as an instrument and letting your movements create different sounds.

Join us and experience a sensory music class accompanied by live music on the viola and other musical instruments.

This class takes place every Wednesday at 9:30-10:15

World Dance For Parents & Kids (ages 1,5-4 years)

This dance course is specially for toddlers to discover their body, surrounding, different music and cooperation by parent and child trough dancing.

In this way the child can develop his own dance expression.

Research indicates that movement and exercising new movement patterns stimulates the overall development of a child.

In each lesson fun always comes first!

So come dance with us, play and travel together!

What does your child learn?:

The World dance for Parents and Kids helps to stimulate:

  • the contact between parents and kids
  • own expression of the kid
  • self-confidence
  • trust and feeling comfortable in your own body
  • the pleasure in dance and movement
  • getting to know your child in another and creative way
  • working together and making contact with other kids

More about Simone Heijloo the teacher of the class.

Classes take place every Wednesday from 10:30-11:15

Yoga Together

(ages 2-4 years)

Practising yoga in a playful way with your toddler is a great way to connect and unwind.

This class aims to teach the joys of yoga through storytelling and offers a combination of active and relaxing yoga exercises, music, sensory activities and massage.

After the class, we’ll get creative with some fun craft activities based on the theme of the lesson, which can be anything from ‘the seasons’ to ‘dreams and imagination’.

Not only is children’s yoga lots of fun- it’s beneficial too! It helps children improve their:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Creativity and self-confidence
  • Focus and concentration
  • Body awareness

Classes take place every Thursday from 10:30 – 11:30


Explore The World Of Sounds

Want to try different musical instruments?  Sing a well known song and a new one as well?

Then join our music classes. It has been shown that moving and making music together is not only fun but also beneficial for a child’s overall development.

We hope to inspire parents to make music and sing with their children at home.

Explore the world of sounds classes take place on:

Mondays 10:30- 11:15 ages 1-4 years

Thursday 09:30-10:15 ages 1.5-4 years

Messy Play Amsterdam

Messy play Amsterdam sessions provide a safe environment to play with various kinds of foods and tastes.

Messy play is designed for children from 6 months old. During this activity children exploring both edible as well as non-edible materials for stimulation of all the senses.

All messy play sessions are a free exploratory sessions giving children an opportunity to explore at their own pace. There is no “right” way for children to do messy play. No limitations, just pure play and fun!


Story Time

It’s a lot more than just a story.

Books have great value for us parents and for our childrenA child’s imagination, concentration and vocabulary hugely benefits from sharing stories and reading together.

Peggy, an experienced pre-school teacher, knows just how to capture a child’s attention with picture books. On Wednesday mornings she will bring her favourite stories to life by using homemade creations.

For children it will be fun and the parents will learn how to make the most of reading a story and enrich the child’s world.

Storytime takes place every Wednesday at 11:15-11:45



What Our Families are Saying


I really loved the messy play experience!! It’s the perfect opportunity for little ones to interact with other little ones and get messy in a safe environment while parents can take a small break.

My little boy had messy play for his 1st birthday and it was great! The kids ranged from 1 – 3 years and all had such a fun time playing in the gooey gunky stuff plus Leanne was super quick and efficient at cleaning up all the mess after. Highly recommend for any kids birthday.

This is a great setup for kids and parents. There’s just enough chaos for kids to love it, but little enough that we parents can still have a good chat with our tea/coffee. My 16-month-old has a great time, and our cleanup is just a splash on his hands and a quick change of his clothes. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend Messy play!!! My daughter had her birthday party there and her and her 13 friends loved everything about it!! Brilliant activities all hand made by the organiser and something totally different. Brilliant work messy play