Our Story

Matka is the place to be if you’re in Amsterdam with toddlers.  We aim to provide a home; a place for parents and children to grow, build relationships with each other, experience meaningful moments together, and make memories that will last for years to come.

How We Came to Be

As a parent or soon-to-be parent, you have probably had questions about your role that seem almost too big to think about.

How do I create a meaningful connection with my child? How do we build a sense of trust that will benefit us both? How do we nourish and grow this relationship from the very first moment until adulthood?

In reality, questions like these often go unanswered. Our daily lives are bustling and bubbling with work, household duties and the day-to-day activities required to keep it all going. Meanwhile, our children are also being overwhelmed by things they experience in their own lives.

Out of the recognition for this growing divide, Matka came to be. Matka is a space in which we get out of our heads and into our children’s lives. It’s a great place if you’re in Amsterdam with toddlers. It is a place where we can go to make a mess, listen to stories, or spend an afternoon dancing. It is a place where we can come for information, resources and advice. And, sometimes, it is just the place to go when we want to get out of the house and get some coffee.

What We Are Here to Do

Matka aims to become a home away from home for you and your children. Our team consists of childhood experts, some who are here to inform and, others, to entertain. By bringing them all together, we can actively address your day-to-day parenting needs from under one roof.

At Matka you will find a variety of different activities. A part of our classes are colourful drop-ins geared towards children, toddlers (and parents). Others function as coaching-style parent-only sessions aimed at addressing your personal needs. There are also lectures, expert workshops and consulting groups that are beneficial to larger groups. Parents-to-be and parents with toddlers aged zero to four will find that a bulk of the offering is geared to their needs.

Because our offering mimics the needs of the larger Amsterdam area, activities are offered in both Dutch and English, with potential additional languages to follow.

Our space is set-up to be safe for parents and children and geared to radiate a pleasant atmosphere. We are happy to welcome you seven days per week.  Matka really is great place to be if you’re in Amsterdam with toddlers.


What Our Families are Saying


I really loved the messy play experience!! It’s the perfect opportunity for little ones to interact with other little ones and get messy in a safe environment while parents can take a small break.

My little boy had messy play for his 1st birthday and it was great! The kids ranged from 1 – 3 years and all had such a fun time playing in the gooey gunky stuff plus Leanne was super quick and efficient at cleaning up all the mess after. Highly recommend for any kids birthday.

This is a great setup for kids and parents. There’s just enough chaos for kids to love it, but little enough that we parents can still have a good chat with our tea/coffee. My 16-month-old has a great time, and our cleanup is just a splash on his hands and a quick change of his clothes. Highly recommended.

I highly recommend Messy play!!! My daughter had her birthday party there and her and her 13 friends loved everything about it!! Brilliant activities all hand made by the organiser and something totally different. Brilliant work messy play